Garden Jewels For Sale Garden Jewels For Sale # 401 - Lemon Drop - $65 Lemon Drop uses a petal plate, pressed glass sugar dish and saucer, egg dish, unusual lemon colored fluted plate with blue dots, and a glass bell with bird topper. Height: Width: Pieces used: 7 205455193 Blue Rhapsody - $65 Blue Rhapsody was created with a cut glass plate, water goblet, beautiful blue lace saucer, candle holder, and a small blue glass for the topper. Height: Width: Number of pieces used: 6 205455191 A Grouping of Jewels Left to Right: Green Carousel, Bali Hai, Top of the World, and Rocky. 199278702 217 - Kismet - $50 Made with fluted vase, avon glass, small dish, and tooth pick holder. Height: 18" Width: 8" Pieces Used: 5 199278711 282 - Rouge Awakening - $60 - Local Share Made with cranberry Avon plate, lamp globe, candle dish, candle holders, and cordial. Height: 17" Width: 8" Pieces Used: 6 201783531 315 - Blue Lagoon - $55 Made with blue bubble plate, pressed glass vase, footed blue scalloped dish, candle holder, cute dimpled stopper. Height: 22" Width: 9" Pieces Used: 6 203157932 318 - Hear My Song - $75 Unusual fluted etch plate, cut glass goblet, fluted cut glass candy dish, candle holder, and sweet vaseline glass bird topper. Height: 19" Width: 10" Pieces Used: 6 203309057 375 - Bellissimo - $65 - At Local Share, Wilton, NH Designed with a depression glass plate, pressed glass water goblet, lovely fluted blue dish, candle stick, cute salt, and a blue bird topper. Height: 20" Width: 10" Pieces Used: 7 204681333 383 - Chantilly Lace - $85 - Artisian Outlet Beautiful azure blue plate with lace like edges, candle stick, great wavy blue candy dish, glass votive, and antique blue bird salt. Height: 22" Width: 8" Pieces Used: 6 205067007 383 - Chantilly Lace, close up - $85 This is a close up of Chantilly Lace and shows the antique blue salt topper. 205067004 388 - Plum Crazy - $85 - Artisian Outlet This was one of my favorite designs. I used a unusual designed plus colored plate, glass water goblet, rose edged plate, pressed glass votive, salt dish, and a regal plum glass swan as the topper. Height: 22" Width: 11" Pieces Used: 7 205067025 A Grouping of horizontal Garden Jewel Flowers Putting multiple garden jewels together and at different heights creates interest. Of course this picture was taken in winter but when they are sitting among your gardens when in bloom the effect is brilliant!! 205439747 Horizontal Garden Jewel Flowers on Display 205439748 416 - Emerald Bliss - $50 - Local Share, Wilton She uses an unusual gold etched oval platter, white ruffled saucer, beautiful deep blue aqua colored bowl with decorative edges, candle holder with a marble topper. Height: 11" Depth: 3" Emerald Bliss can be mounted on a 1/2" copper pole or hung either horizontal or vertical by loosening the back and turning the design. 205525208 423 - Metallica - $85 - Artisan Corner A very cool etched cake platter with handles is the backdrop with a gold flower depression plate, an iridescent candle holder, an votive holder, and glass marble. This design can be mounted on a 1/2" copper pole or hung w/o the pole. 205587096 434 - Cherry Burst - $80 - Artisian Outlet Awesome pink depression glass cake plate, unique pattern small plate, pressed glass candy bowl, garnet red candle holder and an inverted ground glass stopper. This design can be mounted on a 1/2" copper pole or hung with the wire mounted on the back. Pieces Used: 5 205683904 444 - Sabine - $85 - At Artisan's Corner Sabine sparkles in the Sunlight. She is made with a beautiful gold pressed glass plate, ashtray, deep ruby red goblet, glass etched plate, and a awesome gold topper. She uses a 1/2" copper pole. Pieces Used: 6 205973272 443 - Golden Sapphire - $85 - At Artisan's Corner Golden Sapphire was created using a golden art deco style cake platter, azure blue plate, gold Fleur de Lis saucer, footed carnival glass candy dish, antique salt, and aqua marble. Glimmer can be mounted on a 1/2" copper pole or hung with the wire hanger. Pieces Used: 6 205973273 442 - Morning Glory - $70 Golden flower etched platter, deep blue butter dish, gold petal pate, starburst votive, antique salt, and blue marble. This jewel can be mounted on a 1/2" copper pole or can be hung using the attached wire hanger. Pieces Used: 6 205973274 445 - Mirabella - $85 Mirabella is very unique. She was designed using a pink and frosted white Misaka flower bowl, purple fluted bowl, unusual pink bowl with scalloped edges, pressed glass candy dish as the flower's center. This jewel can be mounted on a 1/2" copper pole or can be hung using the attached wire hanger. Pieces Used: 4 205973275 447 - Cotton Candy - $70 - At Local Share For Cotton Candy I used shades of blue and pink. I started with a beautiful cake platter, added a fluted blue bowl, pink candy dish, a frog for flower arrangements, and a unusual blue ground stopper. This jewel can be mounted on a 1/2" copper pole or can be hung using the attached wire hanger. Pieces Used: 5 206003153 448 - Moonlight Sonata - $80 - At Local Share I designed Moonlight Sonata with a large pressed glass serving plate, orange fluted candy dish, iridescence flower shaped votive, fun orange pressed glass shot glass. This jewel can be mounted on a 1/2" copper pole or can be hung using the attached wire hanger. Pieces Used: 4 206003154 452 - Rose Medallion - $70 What a beauty! I used an iridescence flower themed platter, a deep pink art deco ashtray, a pressed glass fluted candy dish, a smaller pressed glass dish, a votive and rose colored marble. This jewel can be mounted on a 1/2" copper pole. Pieces used: 6 206015694 450 - Gigi - $70 Unique deep ruby red lace candy dish, unique bird candle stick, gold petal plate, and an awesome perfume bottle as the topper. Pieces Used: 6 206015695 449 - Cinnabar - $70 Designed with a fleur de lis cake plate as the background, deep garnet red plate, gold art deco ashtray, flower patterned votive, and an antique salt topper. Used a 1/2" copper pole. Pieces Used: 5 206015696 455 - Delta Dawn - $65 What a cute bird! Delta Dawn starts with a beautiful pressed glass vase, azure blue tumbler, decorative plate, a salt, and a lavender glass bird. Uses a 1/2 " copper pole. Pieces Used: 6 206015698 453 - Garnet - $85 - At Artisan's Corner Garnet was designed using a cross etched cake platter, ruby red fleur de lis plate, iridescence petal plate, flower shaped votive, and percolator top. Uses a 1/2" copper pole. Pieces Used: 5 206015699 458 - Velvet Orchid - $100 I knew when I saw this hand made art glass bowl that one day it would be a spectacular jewel. The bowl is a deep translucent brownish copper and shaped like a beautiful flower. Next is an irridescense dish with purple, gold, and pink followed by the most unique robin egg's blue fluted dish covered with flowers, a salt shaker, and a blue marble. This jewel is not to be hung. Uses 1/2" copper pole. Pieces Used: 5 206015700 457 - Flower Bomb - $85 - At Artisan's Corner Flower bomb looks like an explosion of spring! A large green mercury glass fluted dish is the background. I then added a beautiful hand blown glass plate with multicolored flowers, flutted glass dish, and a flower etched topper. Uses a 1/2" copper pole Pieces used: 4 206015701 456 - Blue Horizon - $85 - At Artisan's Corner I used a beautiful pressed glass cake platter, a hand blown plater immersed with a blue design, deep blue azure dish, glass votive, and a blue antique bottle stopper. Uses a 1/2" copper pole Pieces Used: 5 206015702 460 - Pink Poppy - $65 - At Local Share A unique jewel designed with a beautiful etched scalloped plate, dusty rose colored plate etched with flowers, rose colored votive, percolator top and rose colored marble. Uses a 1/2" copper pole Pieces Used: 6 206015703 463 - Golden Splendor - $65 Created with a green depression glass cake plate, clear petal plate, Square gold pressed glass dish, flower votive, and lime green glass dish for the center. Uses a 1/2" copper pole Pieces Used: 5 206015919 464 - WindSong - $75 I love the colors in this jewel. She was designed with a beautiful deep purple fluted bowl with handles, a pressed glass candy dish, peach champagne glass, candle votive, and a beautiful peach colored glass bird as the topper. Pieces Used: 6 Uses 1/2" copper pole 206032274 459 - Purple Passion - $80 I used a large purple charger as the background with an unusual shaped pressed glass plate, apricot petal plate, and sugar bowl top for the flowers center. Pieces Used: 4 Uses 1/2" copper pole Too heavy to hang 206032275 Consuelo - $80 - At Artisan's Outlet I designed Consuelo with a beautiful golden colored pressed glass plate, petal plate, rich golden colored vase, green swirled ashtray, and a very unusual hand blown egg shaped paper weight. Pieces Used: 6 Uses a 1/2" copper pole 206056311